About Rachael

Rachael (9) croppedRachael Borek is an Egyptian style bellydance performer and teacher based in Leamington Spa and Oxford, UK. Here’s what a few people have had to say about her dancing:

“A true delight to watch”

“Lovely lyrical performance”

“Excellent energy and emotional expression”

“A beautiful dancer with an elegant style”

Rachael is friendly, reliable and easy to work with. She’s dedicated to showing Egyptian dance for the amazing, multi-faceted art that it is, by providing you with beautiful shows and high-quality dance tuition.

Dance background

Rachael joined her first bellydance class in 2008, whilst studying physics at Oxford university, and she quickly fell in love with this expressive and emotional dance. What started as a hobby soon turned into an obsession! The complex, textured melodies of Arabic music captured her imagination, and this love of music is reflected today in her dance and in her teaching.

She studied for several years with top UK bellydance teachers Gwen Booth and Josephine Wise. In  2014, Jo Wise invited Rachael to join her highly acclaimed Johara dance company, and she appeared in their theatrical bellydance show ‘The Mirror’.

Rachael bellydancing with live band at the Arab Quarterly in London, April 2016

Rachael with the Arab Quarter band

Since moving to Leamington Spa in 2015, Rachael has continued to take regular classes and workshops with Gwen Booth, and has also been working with Melanie Norman as part of her Arab Quarterly study place scheme, which helps dancers to develop as artists whilst working with live music. In addition to her regular training, Rachael enjoys taking workshops with master teachers and Egyptian dance stars at every opportunity, to challenge herself and keep her dancing fresh and creative.

The most exhilarating part of bellydance, for Rachael, is improvising with live musicians, and trying to inspire her audience to the elusive state of musical enchantment known as ‘tarab’. Most recently, she has enjoyed sharing the stage with the Arab Quarter band, and with the Baladi Blues ensemble.

Rachael playing the oudRachael is a geek by nature, and she loves researching and writing about the background of the dance, including its history and wider cultural context, when she isn’t performing, teaching or taking classes. She also enjoys learning to play Egyptian music on the oud, having previously studied classical guitar for many years.

Outside of bellydance, Rachael also performs traditional English dances with the Oxford University Morris Men!

Professional credentials

Rachael has completed the JWAAD ‘Safe delivery of bellydance classes’ course, and is committed to teaching you to dance safely, and without risk of avoidable injury. She has also recently completed the ‘Understanding music used within bellydance’ and ‘Influence of history and culture upon bellydance’ qualifications, which are accredited by the Open College Network as being of ‘A’ level complexity.

She is an associate member of the JWAAD Teachers Association. This means that she is committed to ongoing professional development and training, and can be relied upon to treat you in a professional and ethical manner.

Rachael is also a full member of Equity, the entertainer’s union, and has full public liability insurance for dance teaching and performance.