About me

Hi, I’m Rachael Borek – an Egyptian style bellydance performer and bellydance teacher in Manchester, UK.

I’m here to bring you joyful moments and magical memories through dance – whether with spellbinding live entertainment, or through the inclusive and empowering bellydance training I offer, both here in Manchester and online.

“You bring so much beauty and so much joy!”

– delighted audience member after a show

My Mission

As a performer, I am here to bring luxurious Egyptian-style entertainment to Manchester and the North West of England. There’s nothing quite like the electric atmosphere of a live performance, and though people often tell me my dance is graceful and enchanting, I know its true power is in bringing people together in happiness and celebration.

I’m known in the bellydance community for my devotion to quality and my attention to detail, and I bring this care to every aspect of my work. I believe every one of my clients deserves a unique, individually crafted show.

As an instructor, I’m on a mission to make bellydance classes an accessible and uplifting experience for everybody – including those who don’t feel like “natural” dancers! My focus in classes is on playful enjoyment, and connecting with your body at your own pace.

I’m committed to excellence in dance technique and artistry – and the way I honour this commitment as a teacher is by working to give each dancer what they need to grow their knowledge and skills right now, wherever they are in their personal learning process.

I especially value the work of helping my fellow introverts to find their power as performing artists, and to own the stage with confidence.

Dance background

Rachael bellydancing with live band at the Arab Quarterly in London, April 2016
Rachael on stage with the Arab Quarter band in London

I’ve been studying, performing and teaching Egyptian dance since 2008, and I’ve trained with many of the top instructors from Egypt and the UK during that time. I believe a true artist never stops learning and developing their craft, and a good teacher never loses their own curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

Since I’m not from a Middle Eastern cultural background myself, I feel it’s essential to train with source dancers and musicians as much as I can. This includes travelling to Egypt, taking classes with Middle Eastern artists in the UK, and in the last few years also studying with Egyptian dancers on Zoom.

One of my personal priorities is finding and creating opportunities to perform with live Arabic music. In recent years I’ve had the great pleasure of sharing the stage numerous times with the Arab Quarter band, and with Guy Schalom’s Baladi Blues ensemble.

I’m a geek at heart, and I love learning all I can about Egyptian dance & music, including its history and cultural context. When my students describe my teaching style, the phrase “encyclopaedic knowledge” tends to come up! Since 2014 I’ve run the “Bellydancers’ Music Discussion Group” on Facebook – a place for dancers to find answers to all their music-related questions.

Professional credentials & training

I have completed several teacher training courses with Bellydance Now (formerly known as JWAAD), who offer the most widely recognised and rigorous bellydance teacher training certifications available in the UK. Most importantly, this includes their Safe delivery of bellydance classes’ qualification.

I am also currently in the apprenticeship part of my training as a Pilates instructor with Polestar Pilates UK.

For party and event bookings I am represented by the UK’s premier bellydance agency, Taste of Cairo. I’m a member of Equity, the entertainer’s union, and as an Equity member I have full public liability insurance for dance teaching and performance.