Bellydance Entertainment for your Wedding

With enchanting movements, glittering costumes and exhilarating music, I can help to make your wedding party a truly magical experience for all of your guests! I’m based in Manchester, and available for weddings in Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

Finding amazing high-quality live wedding entertainment is one of the best ways to make your wedding reception exciting and memorable. No Egyptian wedding party is complete without a bellydancer, and bellydance shows are now becoming popular with couples around the world as a unique and visually stunning live act!

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My fun, elegant and glamorous shows are uniquely tailored to your wedding:

  • Do you have a theme or colour scheme for your wedding? I can choose costumes and props to fit beautifully with your creative vision.
  • I can also provide more modest costuming options such as a gown, folklore dress, or traditional bellydance costume with a body stocking, upon request. Just as much sparkle, but a little less bare skin.
  • Whether bellydance is part of your family’s wedding traditions, or something new and exciting for them, I will work with you to put together the perfect mixture of Arabic music to delight your guests or get them up and dancing!

Contact me to discuss your unique requirements, and create the perfect entertainment for your big day.

Wedding Traditions

Bellydance has been an essential part of Egyptian wedding celebrations for many years, representing joy and fertility, and bringing a wonderful party atmosphere. Traditionally, the bride would go to her new home in a candlelit procession, led by a bellydancer and accompanied by drummers.

Today, couples often replace the parade through the streets (the ‘Zaffat al Arousa’) with a procession at the wedding reception, where the bride and groom make a grand entrance, led by the dancer and drummers!

The bellydancer is traditionally accompanied by an orchestra, and the dancer, musicians and guests all share in the joy of the occasion. My shows are always improvised, so I can respond to your guests and create a unique performance just for you. And for a truly authentic bellydance experience, I can also work with a live drummer, or a full Arabic band!

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Wedding Entertainment Ideas

There are plenty of ways to include a bellydance show in your wedding celebrations! Here are a few ideas…

  • Wedding reception entertainment – A full bellydance show, featuring 20-30 minutes of elegant, exciting Middle Eastern entertainment. A show as your guests are finishing their dinner can be a great way to bring people on to the dance floor, getting the party started in style!
  • Luxury package – For the biggest of celebrations, I can create two or more 10 or 20 minute shows for you, with costume changes and a variety of styles and props.
  • Mehndi parties, Henna nights and Hen parties – For pre-wedding celebrations, I also offer bellydance parties with a fun dance class coin belts to borrow, perfect for your hen night or mehndi party.

How to book your wedding bellydance show

  1. Make a booking enquiry using the form below, or email me on, including the date of your wedding, and postcode of your wedding venue. The more details you’re able to include, the better!
  2. I will check whether I’m available on the date you need, and will normally get back to you within 24 hours.
  3. If I’m available, we can then confirm your booking, and I will start preparing your show. At this point, we can discuss all of your requirements and ideas by phone or email, and make sure that I have all the information I need to create a performance that’s just right for you and your guests.