Talks and Presentations

As well as dance classes and workshops, you can also book me for educational talks and presentations.

These are ideal for Women’s Institute / Townswomen’s Guild meetings and similar, and I can include just a talk and demonstration, or a presentation followed by a short bellydance taster workshop for your members.

I’m deeply nerdy about the history of Egyptian dance and its broader social context, and also about Arabic music – so these talks are packed with information from my extensive study, as well as all kinds of fun facts and historical tidbits. You can also expect displays of Egyptian dance styles from through the ages, lots of quick costume changes, and props ranging from finger cymbals to silk veils!

Rachael has studied Egyptian belly dancing for many years – she told us about its history, and how it kept changing with the political landscape in Egypt during the last 200 years. Her talk was followed by a very entertaining demonstration. Rachael is elegant and articulate and mistress of the “quick change”. Interestingly, there was not a belly in sight!

Newsletter of the Inner Wheel Founders CLub of Manchester

If you’re interested in making a booking, please contact me for more info, or arrange a phone call with me to have a chat about the options available.