Rachael’s Bellydance Video Gallery

Here are a few of Rachael’s bellydance performances in different venues, to help you decide if she’s the perfect entertainer for your special event. If you like what you see here, why not contact Rachael now to make a booking?

Dancing at the prestigious ‘Arab Quarterly’ show in London in April 2016, with live music by the Arab Quarter band.

Rachael’s improvised bellydance performance with live music at the Hathor Award competition in London, November 2015. The song is ‘Alf Leila w Leila’.

Rachael’s improvised Egyptian baladi performance in Coventry, 2015.

A classic Egyptian style bellydance performance to ‘Ana Fi Intizarak’ (‘I’m waiting for you’) at the ‘Sheikh it!’ charity show in Maidenhead, 2015.

Rachael’s dance to ‘Esmaooni’ and drum solo at the Hathor Award competition in London, December 2014.

Rachael’s improvised bellydance performance to ‘Zikrayati’ at the JWAAD Summer School, August 2014.

Bellydance performance to “Erdha Bilnasseb” by George Wassouf, in Oxford,  June 2014.

Rachael dancing with sagat (finger cymbals) to “Alf Leila Wa Leila” (“One Thousand and One Nights”) at Mangal Turkish Restaurant in Reading, June 2013.

Rachael performing a folkloric ‘Raqs al Assaya’ dance in the Saiidi style (from upper Egypt), December 2012.

Like what you see here? Contact Rachael now to book her for your event!