Bellydance Trophies

I’ve been a bit quiet for the last few weeks since starting this blog. The reason? I decided rather impulsively to enter Bellydance Trophies this year – a unique bellydance contest held in London, where rather than being judged on a single performance, contestants are whittled down by selection rounds, quarter finals and semi finals before a winner is finally announced. It is also unusual because for each round, dancers get to dance to one song of their own choice, but also have a song chosen for them by the judges, which can be in any style of Middle Eastern dance at all, and is often something unusual.
Anyway, the selection rounds run from November until the spring, and I discovered last week that I’m in the first selection round, on Sunday 11th November. So, I’m currently very busy indeed choreographing my solo performance, learning a group choreography, and adjusting my super-fabulous new costume to fit. I was fairly panicked when I first got the news, and I’m still quite nervous right now, but this has given me the kick that I needed to get back to choreographing, and it’s nice to have something concrete to work towards.
If you’d like to come and support me, the first selection is on Sunday 11th November, at Bombay Dreams restaurant in Wembley, from 6:30pm. Full event details, ticket bookings & maps are on the Bellydance Trophies website. And here’s a facebook event. It would really mean a lot to me to see some friendly faces in the audience!

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