Monthly Egyptian Dance Workshops in Manchester – “Raqs to Infinity”

Rachael teaches monthly Egyptian dance workshops in Didsbury Village, Manchester.

For dancers of an improver/intermediate level or above, these classes are designed to help you challenge yourself, and take your dancing to the next level.  We’ll explore fun and fancy technique variations, and develop our musical interpretation skills in a relaxed & friendly environment. More about the aims of these workshops

Numbers are limited to 10, so it is a small, welcoming group and you will get plenty of individual attention.

Please email Rachael on or via the contact form  for booking info.

Summer 2018: Technique and musicality for Baladi improvisation

In this series of three workshops, you’ll refine and strengthen your Egyptian dance technique, and develop your understanding of Egyptian improvisational baladi music (known as ashra baladi, baladi progression or baladi taqsim) so that you can dance to this style with confidence and joy!

We will focus on a different aspects of baladi music each month, working with technique and musical understanding for each section – by the end of the course, you will begin to feel what’s coming next and how to dance to it, even in a piece of baladi music you’ve never heard before (or with a live band!).

Why baladi? Because it’s a microcosm of Egyptian music and dance – it has everything within it, from taqasim to tabla solos, from super slow to fast and energetic, and it can express a full spectrum of moods. As a dancer, it uses a huge range of your skills and will really put you through your paces! I believe if you can dance baladi well, you are well on your way to being a well-rounded and confident dancer 🙂

Plus, it’s fun!

Workshop dates: Workshops are normally on the first Sunday of the month, from 11am – 1pm (with the option to join us for lunch in a local cafe afterwards). The dates for our Summer 2018 baladi workshop series are:

  • Sunday 3rd of June
  • Sunday 1st of July
  • Sunday 12th of August

Pricing: Each 2-hour workshop costs £15 if booked in advance, or £18 on the day. Block booking deal – book all 3 Summer workshops in advance for just £38 (save £7).

About the venue: Workshops are held in a small, beautiful studio with a smooth floor, ballet barres and mirrors, located a 2 minute walk from the Didsbury Village metrolink station. There are several P&D car parks nearby, as well as some on-street parking in the surrounding area, and parking at Aldi on Wilmslow Road.

Full address will be provided upon booking – please email Rachael on to book your place, or for more information.

More about these workshops, from Rachael

Not your average technique class… When we think of bellydance technique, we sometimes think of the dancers who can layer five movements on top of each other, whose hits and isolations are harder! stonger! faster! and whose dancing leaves the audience awestruck with their sheer physical skill. That’s not quite what we’re doing here.

This is a technique class, but our purpose is different. It’s not technique for the sake of technique. It’s not technique for the sake of impressing people with what we can do. It is technique for the sake of infinity.

What do I mean by that?

Egyptian dance is a dance of infinite possibilities. Within each family of movements, their are more possible variations than we could ever count. What seems like a mere handful of basic moves to a beginner can blossom into a whole universe of subtle movements when a skilled dancer uses them. So we aren’t going harder, faster, stronger, and we aren’t looking to invent fancy new moves – instead we are going deeper.

Going deeper… and deeper…

In this class, we will be working to unlock the potential of our  movements, so that every one allows us a rich palette of expression and texture. Instead of just using more and more complicated combinations of steps and isolations to make our dancing more ‘advanced’, we’ll work to find richness and subtlety in even the most simple movement.

Think of a fractal (like that hypnotic zooming Mandelbrot Set gif just there…) – the closer you look, the more detail there is to discover. Our dance can be like that! Well, maybe not quite like that – but we do have an infinite range of movement to play with, even within the moves that are already familiar to any improver-level dancer, and we gain access to that infinite range by working on our technique.

What’s the point? In this class, we’ll take the ‘point’ as music. It’s all about the music! Classic Egyptian music is like the dance, full of more and more subtle detail the harder you listen. Once we’ve filled our artist’s palette with colours by working on our technique, we’ll have more ways to highlight those gorgeous nuances in the melody, and we’ll begin to be able to effortlessly match our movement quality to the music.

So there you have it! Technical skill, harnessed in service of delicate musicality. That’s what we’ll be aiming for here 🙂

If you’re up for it, drop me a line at for the booking info 🙂