Lorna of Cairo – Musicality & Technique Workshops

On the 14th of September 2019, the gorgeous and inspirational Lorna of Cairo returns to Manchester for a day of music-focused workshops, with live rhythmic accompaniment by Ali Rahmani.

And in the evening, join us at St Clements Church in Chorlton for a Boogie Night starring Lorna! The evening event is organised in collaboration with Alizzah Bellydance, and ticket sales are via Alizzah.

Date: Saturday the 14th of September

Venue: Chorlton High School (directions to studio), Nell Lane, Manchester M21 7SL (free onsite parking, or a short walk from St Werburgh’s Road metrolink)

What to bring & wear: Wear comfortable exercise clothes you can easily move in, and bare feet or soft dance slippers. Please bring a packed lunch with you if you are attending both workshops.

The Workshops

11:00 – 13:00 “The Egyptian Rhythms” with Lorna of Cairo and Ali Rahmani

Feel the beat of some of the most popular Egyptian rhythms, learning what to listen for in the music and how to bring the feeling into your dance. Plus a cheeky bit of Egyptian accent technique in Lorna’s signature style! With live accompaniment by experienced Middle Eastern percussionist Ali Rahmani.

13:30 – 16:30 “Tactile Taqasim” with Lorna of Cairo

In this workshop, Lorna brings together technique, expression, and musical interpretation to help you enchant and entertain your audiences! Use the art of taqasim (solo instrumental improvisations) to hone your listening skills, practise gorgeous yet challenging moves, and build a spellbinding stage persona…

“The Egyptian Rhythms”, with Lorna and Ali Rahmani (full price)

This is a 2 hour workshop with live drumming, from 11:00 - 13:30.


“Tactile Taqasim”, with Lorna of Cairo (full price)

This is a 3 hour workshop with Lorna of Cairo, from 13:30 - 16:30.


Full Day Ticket (full price)

This booking is for both of Lorna's workshops: 11:00 - 13:00 - 'The Egyptian Rhythms', with Lorna and Ali Rahmani, 13:30 - 16:30 - 'Tactile Taqasim'.


Alternatively, if you’d rather pay by BACS or cheque, please email me on info@rachaelbellydance.co.uk.

About Lorna

Lorna hails from Edinburgh, and she has danced and taught belly dancing professionally since 1997. She performed professionally in Cairo, Egypt from 2006-2016, and she now travels the globe to teach, as well as performing regularly at venues around Edinburgh.

She’s known for her fantastic stage presence and musicality, and as a teacher, for her deep understanding of technique. In her workshops, she takes care to see that everyone comes away with new insights every time, whatever their level, and it’s not uncommon for dancers to have a moment of epiphany in her classes!

Lorna is a fantastic improvisational dancer, and she doesn’t use choreography in her workshops. Instead, you’ll learn all kinds of priceless skills to bring into your own dancing, and help you develop your own artistic voice.

About Ali Rahmani

Ali is an Iranian Percussionist who has played Middle Eastern percussion instruments such as Tombak, Darbuka and Daf since childhood, and trained with top percussion masters in Iran.

Ali has performed in many different countries such as Iran, Italy and the UK. As well as performing his talents for appreciative audiences, he conducts various rhythm workshops for all levels of students, from beginners to professionals. He also has vast experience of accompanying various bellydancers in their performances.

Directions to the dance studio

The dance studio at Chorlton High School is located in the sports building, not in the main school building. To get to it from the main school car park:

  • Start in the main school car park, facing the school buildings
  • To the right of the school reception as you look at it, there is a walkway that goes around the outside of the building
  • Follow the walkway around, past the bike racks and table tennis tables, until you come to an open yard
  • The sports block is on your right, with an entrance at the far corner
  • Inside of the sports block, you will find the dance studio on the first floor, on the right hand side of the corridor just after the toilets

Facilities: There are changing rooms on the ground floor of the sports block, which you are welcome to use if needed, and toilets on the first floor next to the studio.